Dive Georgia has wholesale rates for other Dive Centers, Government, Educational, and other select bulk customers where teams of regulators need to be serviced. We understand how hard it is to maintain a service bench and have trained staff available to do such maintenance; so let us do the heavy lifting but at rates that you can still service your customers and cover your costs!

Once established as a Wholesale customer you will be able to fill out a form and ship your equipment needing to be serviced to us from one to a dozen sets at a time and we will service and ship it back to you as quickly as possible. Current lead times will be communicated. Additionally if you are local you can drop it by and pick it up to save shipping time in both directions.

To request pricing or become a wholesale customer please email service@divegeorgia.com or 404-285-8600 x101 and leave a complete message indicating you are looking to do wholesale service, what Dive Center or Public Organization you are with, and how much service you will be expecting per year. This IS NOT a consumer service and we will require proof that you are indeed a retail, government, or educational operation.