Dive Georgia offers the most comprehensive scuba gear service in Georgia! Our techs train with manufacturers yearly to stay up to date on the equipment YOU dive. Our years of experience will ensure your scuba gear is always ready to dive. We do it right AND on time!

Check out what we offer and our guarantee. Give us a call at the Shop if you have any questions!


Don't See Your Brand? Give Us a Call! Chances are We Can Service It!

We have two exceptionally easy ways to get your gear serviced!


Bring It By The Dive Center!

Stop by either our Woodstock Retail or White Quarry Location and drop of your equipment with our experienced staff! We will get you all checked in and send you on your way for our technician team to get to as soon as possible.


Mail It In Door 2 Door!

You might not live in Georgia or don't feel like driving to one of our two locations. Not a problem! We have valet Door 2 Door service for your scuba equipment so you can sit back and let us do all the work!

(We also have Wholesale rates for other Dive Centers, Government, Educational and other Bulk customers. For more information Click Here)

Dive Georgia has an industry leading technician facility and four on staff regular technicians! 

Gone are the days of one guy that works in a dark back area magically servicing your regulator! We service so much equipment we don't have 1 or even 2 regular technicians but FOUR regular technicians working on our in house bench servicing your equipment. We believe that technicians shouldn't be able to service everything, but be very good at servicing your specific equipment instead and have the current and specialized certifications required!

Our technician facility is second to none with all the latest tools, only authorized parts and service kits, use only O2 compatible lubricants, have specialized dust control mitigation in place, in a bright white lit area!

Dive Georgia is one of the only Suunto Service Centers nationwide!

Did you know that if you or a dealer that isn't a service center changes your Suunto computer battery that your warranty is void? Make sure to protect your investment with us!

Dive Georgia is a Authorized Suunto Level 1 Service Center for all your Suunto servicing needs! One of only 30 Suunto Service Centers nationwide! When it comes time for a battery change or having problems with your Suunto unit then make sure to bring it to an Authorized Suunto Service Center to protect your investment and ensure your safety.

With five in house manufacture trained Suunto technicians; We are one of these few unique facilities that are trained, authorized, and have the latest specialized equipment to ensure your Suunto Dive Computers receive the proper care. 

Dive Georgia is the only dive center that has PSI-PCI cylinder Instructor Trainers on staff!

Your Scuba Cylinder is one of the most important components of your breathing air system as it provides the gas you breathe from! You want to ensure that cylinder is safe, meets all manufacture standards, and doesn't contaminate your gas supply!

Dive Georgia doesn't just have one staff member, On staff we have FIVE fully trained and current PSI-PCI Inspectors and TWO of them are PSI-PCI Instructors! Make sure when getting your cylinders inspected that it's done at a PSI-PCI Premier Facility where the inspectors themselves get trained!

PSI-PCI, Inc. visual cylinder inspector courses exceed the training standards of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Compressed Gas Association (CGA), and Transport Canada (TC). It meets compliance requirements for U.S. Hazardous Materials Training (high-pressure air and other gases are classified as hazardous materials) required of all employees exposed to the potential hazards of pressurized air

Commonly Serviced: Aqualung, Atomic, USDivers, Apeks, Cressi, Dive Rite, Genesis, Mares, Oceanic, Aeris, Hollis, OTS Guardian, AGA Full Face Masks, Poseidon, Scubapro, SeaQuest, Sherwood, SubGear, TUSA, XS Scuba, Zeagle, Suunto, DUI, Mares, and some other brands not listed above.

A list of the manufacturers whose equipment we cannot service includes: Arm-Sea, Apollo, Beuchat, Dacor prior to 1998, Oceanways, OMS regulators, Parkway, Pro Sub, Sea Elite, Techni-Sub, Tekna, US Tech, Z 90, Dacor Pacer series, and other years or models where authorized parts are no longer available.