What are the minimum requirements to dive at Kraken Springs?

All divers must be either a certified open water diver with proof from a major certification agency (PADI, SDI, SSI, NAUI, etc) for photocopy on site OR be with an active certified instructor with current professional insurance diving under his instruction. Lack of certification card on site or, for instructors, lack of certification card and professional insurance will result being denied access to the quarry. Minors require legal parent or guardian signature or entry will not be allowed.

Can the non-certified members of my family swim or snorkel while I dive?

Kraken Springs is strictly a Scuba facility. All other water sports are not permitted. But you are more than welcome to bring "Bubble Watchers" to enjoy the beautiful views of the quarry at no cost. If you would like to get the family in the water, one of Kraken Springs' expert Instructors are more than happy to take them on a Discover Scuba Diving tour of the quarry.

What are the water conditions (temperature/visibility) at Kraken Springs?

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The water temp swings greatly depending on the depth and time of year and is layered in three distinct thermoclines. During our the summer months, the surface temperature can be upwards of 78 degrees with a 10-15 degree drop around 20-25ft followed by another 10-15 degree drop around 40-45ft. During fall-spring, the surface temperature is cooler and less variations between thermocline layers. This will be similar diving to most inland bodies of water.

Visibility can be between 15' to 40' depending on the weather, depth, and divers in the water. Generally the deeper thermoclines are much more clear and visibility is pretty good if everyone is kept off the silt bottoms.

The quarry staff checks the temperature and visibility every weekend so give them a call if you would like to know current conditions. We have for rental (and provided for most training) a full range of 5mm and 7mm wetsuits and even drysuits if you are certified. No matter what the water temperature we can keep you warm for a fun, enjoyable dive!

I heard that the quarry was in farm land.. What's the water quality?

The water is actually some of the cleanest around! The Quarry is constantly replenished by an underground spring (why the quarry filled and became a dive location to begin with) that constantly drains out, replenishing the reservoir. This, combined with the fact that the quarry is actually surrounded by a hill that the nearby drainage area washes around via Pettit Creek bypassing our diving water all together, keeping it in good condition.

We test the water quality on a regular basis to ensure that our wonderful diving locations stays that way.

What is kraken springs' Policy on Solo or Self-Reliant Diving?

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While diving with a buddy is required for all divers without specialized self-reliant training, we do allow Self-Reliant Diving under the following conditions:

  1. You must hold, bring, and directly show a Solo or Self-Reliant certification with a major diving certification agency. Examples of Self Reliant certifications are PADI Self-Reliant Diver and SDI Solo Diver OR Full Cave (not cavern) such as  PADI Tec Rec Technical Cave Diver and TDI Full Cave. 
  2. You must be able to show you have the equipment to support a Self-Reliant dive via an isolated air stage (Pony Bottle, Twin Cylinders with Isolation Valve, Independent Doubles).
  3. You must sign a certified Self-Reliant liability form and follow the checkin procedures as outlined in the Quarry Policies and Procedures section.

If you don't have your certification cards, the proper certification level, or do not have the proper equipment then you can not dive without a buddy. No exceptions will be made.