Conrad Rucker - Course Director

Conrad Rucker - Course Director

Yes, Conrad really did watch “Sea Hunt” as a kid, and that’s what got the excitement going.  Conrad began diving in 1973, and was YMCA certified in 1978. The basic course was 6 weeks long and he has always had diving in his veins. Conrad became an instructor with SSI in 1990 working for West End Diving, St. Louis Mo.  After moving to Atlanta in 1998 he crossed over to PADI in 2001.  In 2005, Conrad became a PADI Course Director, the highest certification available, and has maintained a Silver/Gold status and Elite Instructor status since the rating’s inception.  With that Conrad is able to train Instructors to pass on the passion and love of the sea that he has.  “Teaching people to teach people to blow bubbles”! His first dive trip was to Cozumel 1979, and to date, has made an additional 50+ trips back to the island.  His other travels have taken him, and his wonderful wife Cecilia (also an instructor) to Bonaire, Caymans, Roatan, Utila, Belize, Yap, Palau & the Bahamas, as well as numerous domestic and local dive locations. Outside of SCUBA, Conrad has led a charmed life.  He was a tight end for the Houston Oilers 1978-1980, Captain in the USMC flying CH-46 helicopters, and for the last 18 years, has worked for Delta Airlines here in Atlanta. 

Cecilia Rucker- PADI Instructor

Cecilia started diving in 1990, because her husband kept “bugging her” about it.  Now she’s an IDC Staff Instructor, an EFR Instructor, and can teach numerous specialties. “All you need to know about life, you can learn underwater . . . faith, trust, effective communication, respect for self and others, respect for environment, courage, and a true understanding about what is important in life.” She has coined the phrase “DISCOVER THE MAGIC OF DIVING” because of her love of diving and teaching.  If you ask her what her favorite dive spot is, she’ll smile and say “they all are”, just give her the sun and water.  You can’t miss her at the dive site for two reasons, the decorated fins she wears, and her ever-present smile. Her passion is to help others first realize, then achieve their dreams! Cecilia obtained her BS in Sports and Fitness Management, M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration, Ed.S. in Educational Leadership. She works for Oxford College of Emory University as the Academic Coordinator and Senior Lecturer for the Center for Healthful Living. 

Matt Crawford - Course Director

Matthew is about as certified as it comes being our Training Director and a PADI Master Instructor and Tec Deep/Gas Blender Instructor, HSA Instructor, and EFR CPR/AED/FirstAid Instructor Trainer. He loves every moment of bringing new divers into the sport and providing people the opportunity to experience the underwater world. With a passport filled with stamps like Indiana Jones and getting over 100+ Open Water dives in a year, he dives every moment possible with groups of people to go with him in tow.  If there is a puddle deep enough he will likely try to dive it and has special interest in Deep, Wreck, and Technical Diving. “Diving is the only place you can be weightless on Earth so if you can’t afford to join the astronaut program then join me in diving the other 71% of Earth that is water and most people never see!”

Brian Rickman - Owner and PADI MASTER INSTRUCTOR

Brian is the owner of Dive Georgia and is a PADI MASTER INSTRUCTOR, EFR CPR/AED/FirstAid Instructor Trainer, and Gas Blender Instructor. He is also a PADI Instructor for most specialties, including but not limited to Deep, Wreck, Navigation, Search & Recovery, Peak Performance Buoyancy and more!! His interest in diving started while on vacation in the USVI with his wife. His love of teaching made becoming a dive instructor a logical combination. Brian is married to Allison and they have two daughters, Lily and Emma. He started Dive Georgia in 2013 with a new vision on how a dive shop and the Georgia Dive community can work together. He also restarted and has spent many hours reinventing Georgia's only exclusive diving open water facility in White GA!

Ed Doss - PADI  MSDT Instructor

Ed has lived all of the world and worked in the diving industry for many years. He is amazed with the diversity of our underwater world.  "Introducing new open water divers to their first breaths underwater is what makes teaching so enjoyable" says Ed. Outside of teaching, underwater photography is his passion. He loves to play golf and hike the beautiful trails of North Georgia. When not enjoying the outdoors, Ed loves to talk about scuba diving and exotic travel destinations.

Caila Nyberg - PADI Instructor

Caila was born and raised right here in Georgia. While attending college in Florida, she fell in love with scuba diving. She currently works full time as an aquarist at the Georgia Aquarium, where she gets to combine her love of diving and working with large animals in the Ocean Voyager exhibit. Outside of the aquarium Caila loves to spend all her time at Dive Georgia learning, teaching, and planning trips!

  Rebekah Dell - Instructor

Rebekah Dell - Instructor

This is Rebekah and she is our Quarry Manager as well as a Divemaster. Rebekah has been diving for over four years and has completed dives all over the world. She is an Economics major at the University of Georgia (GO DAWGS!) where she teaches Scientific Diving. 

Henry Jones- IDCS Instructor

Henry was first certified OW in1984 in Monterey Bay, CA. He learned to dive so that he could dredge for gold in the Sierra Mountains. His diving at that time was mostly in rivers and lakes and along the California coast until moving to Georgia in1993. Since then, he has made many local dives in GA at Lake Lanier and Dive Georgia quarry in White, in Alabama at Dive Alabama in Pelham and Dive Land Park in Glencoe and in FL at Penne Kamp, Morrison Springs, Vortex springs and Panama City. He has dove in HI several times also. Henry completed his DM training in Bonaire, NA in 2010. He was fortunate enough to be able spend 2 months there and then in 2011, he became an instructor with the help of Conrad Rucker. Henry teaches many PADI specialties, so look him up if you have one you're interested in.

Ganesh Madisetti- Dive Master

Ganesh learned to dive in 2001 having spent many a summer snorkeling in the Caribbean on summer family trips. His brother challenged him to learn to dive and that was it! Originally from England, Ganesh spent time diving in northern waters around the UK and organizing numerous trips to the Red Sea resorts of Egypt. He returned to his West Indian stomping grounds in the coastal waters of Dominica in 2007 and spent a month diving the Atlantic and Caribbean sites. He represented the Island of Dominica at the Dive Shows in the UK on their show stand. Since joining Dive Georgia last summer, Ganesh has become a PADI Divemaster. He is on both the Dive Shop and Dive Quarry teams and is happy to help you on your journey of underwater exploration.  

Brandon Coffey- Staff

Brandon started diving in 2007 with his family, and instantly fell in love with the sport. He was able to enter the professional side of diving in 2011, in the form of a job in sales at a dive shop. He has an extensive background in sales, and is highly knowledgeable about products carried by Dive Georgia, and elsewhere. He is currently attending Kennesaw State University, to obtain a bachelor's degree in biology, and is fascinated by the science behind diving.  Favorite Location: Lake Keowee, SC.  


Pete Wareham- OWSI  

"Pete is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer , Master Diver and Technical Diver. He has been diving since 2010 and has over 350 open water dives to a depth of 182ft. He is passionate about his sport and loves to introduce new people, both young and old to the marvels of the underwater world. Pete has dived all over the world including Bali, The Philippines, Honduras, Grand Cayman, Turks & Caicos, Cozumel, The Bahamas, St. Croix, British Virgin Islands and Florida. He loves all kinds of diving but in particular Wrecks and Saltwater Piers. His favorite dive is the wreck of the RMS Rhone in the British Virgin Islands, because of it’s history, and diverse marine life."



Amy Kline Picture.jpg

Name: Amy Kline
Instructor Level: Open Water Instructor
Instructor #: 366054
Background: Became an Instructor March 6, 2016
Specialties: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project Aware, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation, and Emergency First Responder

Where I have been diving: Roatan, Honduras; Georgia Quarry; Belize; Bonaire; Exuma, Bahamas; Private Lake           Passions: Encouraging the student who has a desire to dive, but has some concern or obstacle to overcome; being responsible with our aquatic resources.      E-mail: amy@divegeorgia.com


Asher started diving in 2014, since then he's become an instructor. He became an instructor because he love scuba diving and being able to share that experience with others. He considers scuba diving to be one of the only ways to truly experience ocean life. He started scuba diving because of my love for the outdoors and adventuring. Along with scuba diving he is also an avid mountain biker and hiker.  Scuba diving has been a way for him to combine all of his passions and travel the world.

Billy was born and raised in Florida. That's where he developed his love of the water and everything to do with it. Several of his friends there were scuba divers but ironically he didn't catch the scuba diving bug until after moving further inland to Georgia. Finally, in 2009, Billy and his wife, Amy, took a trip to Roatan where they became Open Water certified. It opened his eyes to a whole new world underwater. He was hooked but life happens and he didn't get back under the water until after stumbling upon Dive Georgia in 2014. Things moved quickly from there and, after a mind boggling series of courses, he eventually became an Open Water Scuba Instructor on March 6, 2016. Along with being an Emergency First Responder Instructor, he is also qualified to teach Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project Aware, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation scuba diving specialties. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and especially going anywhere there is scuba diving. Some of his favorite scuba diving destinations include, Bonaire, Belize and the Bahamas. He is really excited about going on our upcoming trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar in October 2016. When not scuba diving, he also enjoys mountain biking, adventure sports, supporting ocean conservation efforts and researching cool, scuba toys and technology.


Zack started diving at the age of 10 in 2010, because he did a discover scuba in 2008 and fell in love right away. He was the first one in his family to get certified and was then able to convince his sister, mom, cousin, and grandparents to start diving. Zack has been able to get his master scuba diver, thirteen specialties, and 140 dives since he got certified. Zack is an avid fundraiser and volunteer for Diveheart a group that takes people with mental and physical disabilities scuba diving. Zack is a rising Junior in high school and is part of his schools varsity lacrosse team. Zack cant wait until he turns 18 so he can get his divemaster and then his instructor certifications.