Name: Matthew Crawford

PADI Course Director
Tecrec/EFR/PSD trainer
PSI-PCI Instructor

Instructor #: 307179
Started Diving: 2010

Email: matt@divegeorgia.com

Matthew is about as certified as it comes being our Training Director. He loves every moment of bringing new divers into the sport and providing people the opportunity to experience the underwater world. With a passport filled with stamps like Indiana Jones and getting over 100+ Open Water dives in a year, he dives every moment possible with groups of people to go with him in tow.  If there is a puddle deep enough he will likely try to dive it and has special interest in Deep, Wreck, and Technical Diving. “Diving is the only place you can be weightless on Earth so if you can’t afford to join the astronaut program then join me in diving the other 71% of Earth that is water and most people never see!”

  • Favorite Speciality Class:
    PADI Tec Deep

  • Favorite Movie:

  • Favorite Place To Dive:
    Truk Lagoon

  • Favorite Fish / Marine Life:
    Giant Manta

PADI Specialty Instructor Certifications

  • Advanced Rebreather Instructor

  • Self-Reliant Instructor Trainer

  • EFR Instructor Trainer

  • PSI-PCI Cylinder Instructor

  • Project Aware Instructor Trainer

  • Full Face Mask Instructor Trainer

  • Tec Rec Trimix Blender Instructor Trainer

  • Night Diver Instructor Trainer

  • Sidemount Instructor Trainer

  • Fish Identification Instructor Trainer

  • Deep Instructor Trainer

  • Drift Instructor Trainer

  • Enriched Air Instructor Trainer

  • Underwater Navigator Instructor Trainer

  • Tec Deep Instructor Trainer

  • Adaptive Techniques Instructor Trainer

  • Public Safety Instructor Trainer

  • Tec Sidemount Instructor Trainer

  • Search & Recovery Instructor Trainer

  • Wreck Instructor Trainer

  • Boat Instructor Trainer

  • DPV Instructor Trainer

  • Dry Suit Instructor Trainer

  • Emergency Oxygen Instructor Trainer

  • Equipment Specialist Instructor Trainer

  • Peak Buoyancy Instructor Trainer

  • Dive Against Debris Instructor

  • Tec Support Diver Instructor

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