Dive Georgia Open Water Quarry




Out of Water by 3:30PM

November 12th-13th

December 17th-18th

January 14th-15th

February 18th-19th

March 18th-19th

April 15th-16th


Dry-Suit diving highly recommended due to

water temperature.

801 Old Tennessee Highway NE
White, Georgia 30184

Retail Store: (404) 285-8600 (7 Days)
Quarry Phone: (470) 227-7151 (Sat-Sun )

Welcome to the Dive Georgia Quarry! The only recreational open water diving resort in the state of Georgia! It has known many names over the years such as White Stone Diving and Dive Haven. While many divers were upset when the previous owners closed the quarry, in 2013 we were able to obtain a long term lease and reopen it to the public in 2014!

We have first class on site facilities: air compressor with EANx, full range of rental equipment, tanks, weights, and anything else you may need for a successful dive! Our restrooms have been recently renovated and new training platforms have been put in

Check out the side bar so you know what to expect we you come for a dive and the Quarry on Facebook for weekly temperature and vis updates!

Costs: $30 per Diver per Day

  • Please call for special Group and Government pricing
  • Instructors enter free of charge with 4 or more students (2:1 ratio for TECH)
  • Overnight storage for Instructors and Divemasters

Rental equipment available:

  • Dry Suits
  • Drysuit Undergarnments
  • 7mm & 5mm wetsuits
  • Hoods & Gloves
  • Tanks
  • Weights (free of charge with rental of BCD or drysuit)
  • BCDs
  • Regulator & Computer
  • Mask, Fins, and Snorkel
  • Diver Propulsion Vehicles
  • Technical Dive Equipment
  • nd Much More!


  • Fully Outfitted Dive Shack
  • Cold beverages and snacks for purchase
  • Newly renovated restrooms w/ showers and changing areas  
  • Two entry docks and three underwater training platforms available
  • Covered Picnic tables
  • Flat/level walk to entry docks!!!

Depth: 20' to 155'

Temperature: 45°-78° F

Visibility: 5 to 30'

Things to see:

  • Brim
  • Bass
  • Turtles
  • Catfish
  • Training platforms @ 20ft, 30ft, 60ft, 140ft
  • Buoyancy Rings @ 30ft and 12ft
  • Boats @ 55ft, 30ft, 20ft and 24ft
  • Steam Shovel @ 40ft
  • Jet Ski @ 10ft
  • The Undersea Bar @ 30ft
  • A Wine Cooler @ 25ft
  • Old Glory @ 60ft
  • Cars  @ 145ft
  • Pepsi Machine @ 30ft
  • Amazing wall dives throughout the quarry!

A map of the many dive attractions is in the works. So much of the quarry is yet to be explored!