Brandon Coffey 5.jpg

Name: Brandon Coffey

Sales and Social Media

Started Diving: 2005

Email: Brandon@divegeoRGIA.COM

Brandon gained a love of diving at an early age and jumped at the opportunity to start working in the shop when he got the chance. Brandon is naturally drawn to diving because of his interest in the biological world. As of last year he has a Bachelors of Science in Biology, which he has used to further his diving career. Brandon is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to scuba equipment, both brands that are carried in the shop, and elsewhere. You can find Brandon all over the shop. He works in the front in sales and social media, but can also be found in the back of the shop servicing dive computers and cylinders.

  • Favorite Speciality Class:
    Project Aware Coral Reef Awareness

  • Favorite Movie:
    Evil Dead 2

  • Favorite Place To Dive:
    Lake Jocassee

  • Favorite Fish / Marine Life: