Hollis Explorer SCR - End Of Life


Hollis has discontinued the Hollis Explorer SCR. Additionally they are ending support and parts immediately for the unit. This effectively takes these units out of long term service.

Hollis is providing a trade in value up to $2,000 for trading in their explorer unit and upgrading to a Hollis Prism 2.  Contact the Dive Georgia Tec team at gotec@divegeorgia.com or 404-285-8600 x832 on trading in your Hollis Explorer unit and upgrading to the Hollis Prism.

To ensure ease of service, the company has entered into an agreement with Huish Outdoors that will allow Hollis Rebreathers to focus on its core rebreather business, production and R&D, while leveraging many of Huish’s worldwide distribution channels and Hollis brand sales representatives, simplifying order processing and servicing.  Parts and accessories for the Hollis Prism 2 are available for purchase now, and by mid-September we expect first availability of new Prism 2’s and factory service from Salt Lake City. 

Due to the discontinued development of the Explorer, as of today we are discontinuing the product and cancelling all backorders. We understand there is a large customer base of Explorer users who need support, for which we will announce the sole source for common Explorer parts including annual service kits and repair parts shortly. We will not be offering factory service on the Explorer or the LSS electronics, but we will be working with each customer to return or discuss alternative solutions for the heads provided to AUP.