A Visit to the Dive Georgia Quarry

I was called during the week by the shop and advised that they were repeating the buddy less diver days this Sunday; I told them I would be there! I did the usual stunt of getting all the chores done and even managed to prune the shrubs and trim the hedges. I prepared my kit for action and on the Sunday morning, I woke at my usual time, did a very short run on my treadmill and loaded up the car. It took about forty minutes from my house on cruise control to the lake; I kept looking for the State Troopers I saw last time hiding in the bushes and was thinking 52mph on cruise bring it on! I arrived at the lake just before 10am and checked in with Charlie. I was introduced to Mark and Jose who were in for the craic with us. Bill was not long then Jo arrived with his distinctive truck. We all decided where we wanted to go and agreed we would go and look at the three wrecks on the right side of the docks. Bill lent me his spare 
hood for the day and I was glad of it as my one needs replacing. We all checked and got into our gear and headed into the blue, we descended by the docks and came up 
on the first wreck tethered to P3. The thermocline was good today kicking in at 6.5m about and dropping off at 8m, beyond this it got cold, very cold!

I had mild ear grief on the descent and we all met up on the wreck, it was a bit gloomy down there and I was getting too much backscatter from the previous group who had inadvertently stirred it up a bit. We headed further in to the second wreck.

We passed over the steel cargo net on our way on to the next boat.

Bill, who seems to spend his weekends exploring the lake, was having a good look round, I checked the camera and the temperature differential was so great there was some condensation inside the housing. 

If you saw my Silica Gel Pack you would wonder how that was possible, especially as it was baked a week ago making it anhydrous. It made me think I had a leak but I put my trust in my Ikelite hosing and it was just condensation.

We found the vending machine and cleaned it up looking for a lemon and lime 10cal, fortunately they didn’t have my tipple of choice and so we moved on. 

We rolled over the Christmas tree and the home depot bucket

Jo got the beers in, we had a lot of fun on this one, three boats, one vending machine a handful of fish and a good crew.. We were down for 32 mins reaching a max depth of 19m. We returned to the dock for a break and some lunch.We had a two hour break and some well-deserved snacks while we discussed where we were heading. Remember that short run this morning well it was to wake up my legs, we were heading back to the bucket digger. It is about a mile on the surface to the far side of the lake and in around 12m of water, we inflated our BCD’s and headed out over the lake, the sky turned black and we were under a serious looking thundercloud. As we reached the marker buoy the rain started. I didn’t have my camera on this dive as I 
reported on this dive last time, it was a great dive and we came back around in a clockwise rotation reaching the platform after 40 mins. We had on average 10m visibility and the temperatures varied between 27c on the surface and 13c under the second thermocline. 
We had a great day and I hope to meet up with the gang again soon and see what else we can find on our quest to explore the lake.
Thanks to Bill for your expert knowledge of things below the surface and everyone who made today possible and fun.

- By: Ganesh Madisetti