The Experience in Certification- Open Water Dive

The second stage of the certification process is even more exciting than the first! 

When we pulled up to the site, I was not expecting to be diving at such a naturally beautiful quarry. There were ducks and geese roaming the grounds, as well as a nice stillness in the air that wasn't mixed with passing traffic.

It was blissful.

It was also incredibly clean and well-kept throughout. It meant a lot to see nature so well preserved.

When we stopped drooling over the scenery, it was time to get to business. 

With the kindness and assistance from the Dive Georgia staff, we were able to get our masks, fins, tanks, vests, weights, and wet suits with ease. It was great having such great help from them.

When we had everything together, gearing up was like riding a bicycle. All of the knowledge obtained from the previous weekend came right back, and we were able to get fully ready without much help from our dive masters.


Our instructors, Bryan and Matt, briefed us before actually entering the water, so we knew exactly what we were doing, and we would have all questions answered.


By the time we entered the water, we were ready and able to achieve the goals while diving.

We were tested over skills that we learned in the contained water dives as low as 20 feet, and we even went on underwater tours close to 30 feet under the surface!

It was very relaxing as well as exciting to learn the ways of our fish friends (there were a ton of fish hanging around us the entire time).

By Sunday at around noon, we surfaced from our dive that we planned ourselves, and we officially became certified divers!

It all happened so quickly, but the fun has just begun!

We are now able to conquer 70 percent of the world that others are hesitant to try.

We can find our treasure.

If you do decide to embark on this endeavor though, don't wake the Kraken.


It's time to find your treasure.