The Experience in Certification- Contained Water Dive

Breathing underwater is not something that seems natural, obviously. We as humans are not raised to be familiar with anything below the surface of the waves we see in vacation pictures and brochures. 


We are land creatures, but today, we are able to experience life in a new, blue way. 


But first:

Everything starts with a good education. 


Before I could start diving in the pool, I had to know the foundation and rules of diving. 

In the sign-up, I received two DVD's, a book, and other essentials that I will talk about later in the diving experience. 


This manual was an insanely easy read as well as a very helpful tool to learn the basics of diving. At the end of each chapter, there were little quizzes to make sure that I understood all of the rules and tips of diving. 

Just through this manual alone, I obtained a huge amount of knowledge of experiencing life underwater. 

On the first actual dive, our instructor, Brian, was extremely helpful. He assisted as much as we needed with setting up our gear, learning about tank information, and the proper uses of each piece of our equipment. 

Throughout the different dives, we learned many skills and ways to get out of semi-dangerous situations when underwater. Brian was incredible when doing this. He made sure we were relaxed, and that we always kept breathing. 


With his help, I found diving to be more relaxing than being in the natural humanly ways of the air-filled earth. 


Learning how to make the impossible possible was amazing, and at the end of the last day of dives, as exhausted as I was, I was already ready to jump back in and explore. 

The best part?


Taking part in this adventure with my mom, and having my uncle as the dive master. 


It's a journey for the whole family!