About Dive Georgia PSI-PCI Courses


PSI-PCI, was formed in 1982. Affiliate cylinder inspector instructors are located in more than 10 countries. Hundreds of hands-on visual inspector courses, training thousands of students, are conducted each year.

PSI-PCI has a long history as the only agency for this training that is formally endorsed, utilized and referred to by the cylinder manufacturers; and recognized by law and rule making entities such as USDOT, TC and Compressed Gas Association.  We have consistently, and with integrity, served the diving (SCUBA), fire fighting (SCBA), hydro re-testing and other industries involved with high pressure cylinders providing the most current information available regarding cylinder inspection and safety.

Some of the customers that use PSI-PCI training include:

NASA         All Branches of the US Military      Theme Parks Across the US    

NOAA         Cylinder Manufacturers              SCUBA Shops around the world

Hydro-Requalifiers, and many more!

PSI-PCI Visual Cylinder Inspection courses compile the training standards of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Compressed Gas Association (CGA), and Transport Canada (TC). It meets compliance requirements for U.S. Hazardous Materials Training (high-pressure air and other gases are classified as hazardous materials) required of all employees exposed to the potential hazards of pressurized air. Specifically the training meets the federal requirements for "General awareness/familiarizaiton training and function specific training, safety training and various other topics required of CFR 49 Title 172.704.

PSI-PCI also has available the quality tools you need to do a proper, compliant cylinder inspection.